WST – Travel Information

Travel Information

What follows is some generic information that should prove helpful in thinking through your travel plans, to one of our workshops. The information below is general information and talks about how almost all of our workshops are run from a travel and planning perspective.

Destination Airport

The Destination Airport is the airport that we believe best serves the location that our workshop will be held at. This airport may not necessarily be the closest airport to our workshop location, physically, but our experience tells us that this airport offers the best combination of flights, services and ground support. You of course are free to arrive via whichever airport you prefer, this is simple our considered first choice.

As a workshop participant it is your responsibility to arrange transportation from where ever you may be coming from to either the desinataion airport or the airport of your choice. You should make arrangements, via rental car, shuttle service or ride sharing to get from your arrival airport to our chosen destination city.

General speaking workshop guides will have arrived prior to the arrival of any guests, however they are most often involved in scouting, preparation and planning activities and are not a reliable source of transportation from your airport to the destination city.

You'll find that the Destination Airport is always specifically spelled out in the tab Workshop Travel Information in the Information About This Workshop… section.

Destination City

The Destination City is the city that typically hosts our base of operations. This Destination City typically serves as the gateway to the area or region where we will be doing most of our field work. Whenever a workshop covers a large enough area, that we must move our base of operations, one or more times, during the course of the workshop, the Destination City provided will be the city where the first evening of our workshop will be held.

It is our advice that our guests arrive around midday, as most hotel / motel checkins begin around that time. In the section Information About This Workshop… you will find the tab Itinerary / Events / Conditions and the hotel / motel check in time will be specifically listed for your convenience. Typically around 5:30 p.m., on arrival day, we will all meet in the lobby of our lodging establishment and ensure that everyone is settled into their rooms, all needs have been met and do a quick briefing on what to expect throughout the course of the upcoming workshop.