Weekly Blogs: (MON) Completely Composed…

CCW01C – Elements of Design – Lines

Our study of the Elements of Design is going to start off with an exploration of Lines within scenes and images. It’s hard to imagine photographic images, or scenes for that matter, that are the least bit compelling, without the effective use of lines within that image. The existence of these lines, their quantity, their arrangement, their weight and their paths, have the potential to provide a number of characteristics to the final composition. While individual lines do indeed have impact on a composition, multitudes of lines and their interactions with one another, when used properly, have potentially dramatic impact upon the viewer of an image and the viewer’s engagement with that image.

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CCS01I – Intro: Elements of Design

In this section, the first quarter of the Completely Composed series, I am going to breakdown and present the Elements of Design. Over the period of the next 13 weeks, I will explore these design elements, that have been identified as being critical components in photographic composition, through a series of articles, examples and assignments. Each element will be thoroughly explored for both its individual characteristics in composition, as well as its interplay with other elements that might be present in a scene.

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