A Shot A Day – 2018(TDN) (02/10/2018)

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Let’s Do The Twist

Loved the lines that were curved into this waterfall scene. Yoho National Park, Canada

A Shot A Day - 2018(TDN) (041A of 365)-(10-02)

A Shot A Day – 2018(TDN) (041A of 365)-(10-02)


Canon 5D MarkIV


Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM


Really Right Stuff L-Bracket,
Really Right Stuff Series 3 Tripod,
Lee SW100 Filter Holder,
Singh Ray 105mm Warming Polarizer


ISO 50, 2.5″” (0.0) @ f/22.0 – 42mm

Technique And Composition:

Waterfalls are always very interesting in that some times a lot of your composition decisions are made for you. You simply can’t always get the position you want to capture the grander scale.

I was taken in by the lines and the shapes that I noticed in this scene. Working the camera angle a bit on the ballhead, I was eventually able to find an angle where the line of the picture tracked along a diagonal.

Used a polarizing filter in this scene, didn’t really hope to polarize any light, but it gave me another two (2) stops off of my exposure, which gave me a little but longer shutter speed.

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