A Shot A Day – 2018(TDN) (02/04/2018)

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Something Plain

Upon Kolob Terrace Road, West of Zion National Park sits a grand plateau, which begs to be explored and photographed.

A Shot A Day - 2018(TDN) (035A of 365)-(04-02)

A Shot A Day – 2018(TDN) (035A of 365)-(04-02)


Canon 5D MarkIV


Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM


Really Right Stuff L-Bracket,
Really Right Stuff Series 3 Tripod,
NiSi 180mm Filter Holder (For Canon 11-24 Lens),
NiSi 82mm Adapter for Canon 11-24mm Lens 180mm Filter Holder,
NiSi Polarizing Filter 180x180mm


ISO 100 , 1/4 (0.0) @ f/22.0 – 26mm

This picture somewhat follows the Rule of Thirds, in that there are three (3) horizontal and three (3) vertical divisions. The division lines aren’t exact, nor should they be. The sky was the most dominant element in the frame, with the sunset light bathing the rock face coming in second.

The tree in the left foreground serves as a layer element anchoring the foreground and helping to make the visual leap from the camera position to the rock face in the background.

I considered a longer exposure, but I felt it I let the clouds move to much, I would not only lose the highlights within the clouds, but I could potentially make the picture darker than planned.

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