A Shot A Day – 2018 (02/03/2018)

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The Franklin Park Conservatory always has a wonderful Orchid exhibit every year. One that I am sure not to miss. I love the subtle shapes, textures and vivid color of all the flowers.

A Shot A Day - 2018(B) (034A of 365)-(03-02)

A Shot A Day – 2018(B) (034A of 365)-(03-02)


Nikon D850


Nikon 105mm f/2.8 VRII Macro


Really Right Stuff L-Bracket,
Really Right Stuff Macro Ring and Arms,
Really Right Stuff Series 4 Macro Tripod,
Arca Swiss C1-Cube,
Nikon SU800 Controller,
Nikon SBR200 Flash(es)


ISO 100 , 1/250 (0.0) @ f/22.0 – 105mm

This is of course a macro image. The biggest challenge in macro images is maintaining sharp depth-of-field, so I typically set my aperture at f/22 whenever I approach a macro subject. I may adjust from there, but that’s almost always my starting point.

Most of my macro work is done with a macro setup including a flash controller and macro flash heads. My starting exposure settings are typically ISO100, 1/250 (sync speed), f/22, with flash power about 1/4. I found that more often than not, this puts me in a good position to manage ambient light and change flash power as I like to add or subtract light from the subject.

This particular image really involved symmetry in the composition and making sure I framed the subject in such a way to block out background distractions.

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