A Shot A Day – 2018 (02/02/2018)

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“Windows To The Soul”

Findlay Market, Over The Rhine in Cincinnati, OH is a favorite place of mine to shoot. The people that work and shop there, the locals at least, are real and like being that way.

A Shot A Day - 2018(B) (033A of 365)-(02-02)

A Shot A Day – 2018(B) (033A of 365)-(02-02)




Zeiss Batis 135mm f/1.8


Really Right Stuff L-Bracket


ISO 1600 , 1/125 (-0.3) @ f/2.8 – 135mm

Sometimes when street shooting, you just kind of have to “roll with it” and capture scenes as they present themselves. If you begin to interact to much with the scene and those in it, you being to alter the flavor of the image and the captured moment.

That being said, there are things you can do to be ready for the picture when it presents itself. Make sure that you have your exposure settings where you want them in advance. Some sample metering, prior to starting shooting, lead me to increase my ISO to 1600, opting for a shutter speed range that would reasonably stop any movement by the people as I shot them. A quick review of a couple of histograms, had me dialing in a little bit of exposure compensation to ensure the exposure was in range.

As is typical I was shooting in Aperture Preferred mode, so that I could quickly select the depth of field I wanted. An aperture selection of f/2.8 gave me the background separation that I wanted in the image.

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