A Shot A Day – 2018 (02/01/2018)

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“Go Around”

Bowling Ball Beach @ Bachelor’s Gulch is not the easiest place to find, but with a little bit of exploration and the reading of some tide tables, the location was nailed down.

A Shot A Day - 2018(B) (032A of 365)-(02-01)

A Shot A Day – 2018(B) (032A of 365)-(02-01)


LENS: Sony FE 24-70mm f/2.8 GM


NiSi 180mm Filter Holder (For Canon 11-24 Lens),

NiSi 82mm Adapter

NiSi Polarizing Filter 180x180mm

EXPO: ISO 50, 4″ @ f/22 – 32mm

To me this scene really needed to be worked as a long exposure image, capturing the essence of the motion of the water receding around the concretions in the water. Camera placement was all about using the alignment of the rocks in the water to pull the viewer to the cliffs and then out to sea. If you trace that route, with your eye, you will note that there is a subtle s-curve at work here.

At that moment in the evening, the sky wasn’t as compelling as I had hoped for, so it became evident that I needed to emphasize the light in the foreground of the image. The NiSi 180mm x 180mm Polarizing Filter was used as a 2 Stop ND in this image, as the 10 Stop would have been too much light loss, for the ISO I wanted to use. It’s important to remember that your Polarizing Filter can also serve as an ND Filter, even if there is no off angle light to polarize

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