A Shot A Day – 2016 (05/06/2016)

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“Pool Time”

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium’s new pride and joy, “Nora” tests out the waters in the Polar Bear exhibit.

A Shot A Day - 2016(B) (127A of 365)-(06-05)

A Shot A Day – 2016(B) (127A of 365)-(06-05)

Nikon D5, Nikon 400mm f/2.8G AF-S ED VR Lens

ISO 200 – 1/1600 @ f/4.0 – 400mm

This was a test shoot of sorts, being only the second outing for the new Nikon D5 (and I am not counting the first one as I almost froze!). This shot is taken shooting through the glass of the enclosure, and as such I am trying to get the lens as close to and as square to the glass as possible to eliminate ambient glare off of the glass.

Nora, the name of the baby Polar Bear in this picture was quite enamored with her first outdoor experience in her young life.

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