A Shot A Day – 2016 (03/11/2016)

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Shying away from my recent trend of street photography, focusing on lights, shapes and patterns, I elected the capture this image just as it presented itself. A mere study of the beauty of a line of Orchids on a couple of stems. Nature is quite stunning.

A Shot A Day - 2016(B) (071A of 365)-(11-03)

A Shot A Day – 2016(B) (071A of 365)-(11-03)

Canon 5DSR, Canon EF100mm f/2.8 Macro IS USM

ISO 400 – 1/200 @ f/8.0

Canon MT-24EX Macro Flash, 2X Sto-Fen MT-24EX Diffusers

In capturing this image I focused on two components of the image. One, I wanted a nice balance between ambient light and the dual macro flashes I was using. Two, I made sure that my point of view, for the overall image, included as much of the green background color as possible.

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