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Our Guide(s):

Soft Lite Studios has one mission, to deliver the best, most comprehensive destination workshop possible. This mission is only made possible by having some of the best, most dedicated imaging professionals out in the field with you, the participant.

Tim Neumann

Your primary guide will be international, award winning photographer Tim Neumann. Tim has spent years in the field, capturing everything from scenic landscapes, to wildlife photography, to underwater vistas and even some of the most dangerous sea dwelling macro species on the planet. Tim's images have placed him as a winner of the prestigious International Digital Shootout multiple times. With a passion for nature photography, a keen outdoor skill set and unparalleled exposure and post production skills, you are sure to be in great hands with Tim providing not only field guidance, but abundant post-production pointers.

Tim, an Information Technology professional in a past life, has a natural connection to the inner workings of the digital world. With that natural connection to the underpinnings of digital photography and today's editing tools, Tim is able to make complex tasks easy to understand and conceptually clear. Participants will be shown straight forward workflow management, editing approaches and output methods that will garner high quality, print worthy results.

Lorie McQuirt

Your secondary guide will be the multi-talented, nature, fine-art and portrait photographer Lorie McQuirt. Lorie joined Soft Lite Studios in 2016, as she realized her true passion was found in wildlife and landscape imaging. Lorie has a deep love of the outdoors and her outdoor skill set, coupled with her unending stamina allow her to reach locations that many have dreamed of, but that few have had the energy to achieve.

Lorie has a passion for composition that translates well into practical observations of the scenes around her and she is always excited about sharing that perspective with workshop participants. Her naturally outgoing, "loves people" personality makes her an ideal workshop leader and the perfect social "hub". Her never ending energy is contagious and will surely push participants, to new limits in going out and getting "the" shot.