To Blog or Not To Blog?

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Ready for my morning walk...

Ready for my morning walk…


One of the many benefits of having a canine friend is that friend’s compulsion to want to go on long walks, on crisp Fall mornings. As a faithful companion (notice the upcoming role reversal) I feel compelled to go along and enjoy the great outdoors with my furry friend. And really nothing beats sharing a bagel sandwich at 7:00 a.m., on the way to our hiking location of the morning. As we begin our walk through forested areas, I soak in the low angle light and quietly reflect upon the moment, the day ahead and the future in general. Lots of thoughts swirl through my head, but I keep settling on one specific thought more often than the rest, that’s the idea of where I want to go with my passion for photography.

As these things often go, my thought process and the accompanying decision seem like good ideas at this moment in time.

I suppose reality and time will tell exactly how well founded my choices are. But here we are and the fact that you are reading this should tell you the path I have elected to follow.

Today, I draw a line in the sand and I move forward under the potentially deluded belief that I have something to share with the photographic world. This entry serves as the launching point for a new venture and hopefully a new community, all at the same time. You’re here and you’re reading this, so obviously you have found your way to my new home on the web. Welcome to!



This site is intended to serve multiple purposes:

  • Foremost it is supposed to be a community. A haven, if you will, for like minded enthusiasts to search for, query of and share with each other all things related to imaging. I specifically say “imaging”, because I don’t want to slant the conversation to just photography, or just digital pursuits, rather an end-to-end consideration of all things related to thinking about, capturing, producing and finally outputting compelling images. The “Forum” section is targeted at doing exactly that. I have implemented a starting point, topics if you will, that I think will be helpful in guiding some of the conversations. I am sure that I am not even 25% right and that very quickly groups, topics and threads will emerge that I had never considered and in short order it will look quite different than it does today.


BLIMG-Network-Tree-01-(400 X 600)

Networking at its best…

  • Secondly it is a location to share articles, posts and ramblings, such as this, that hopefully inspire new paths of discussion and keep us all motivated in learning new techniques, achieving new visions and generally improving our craft as image specialists. A regular schedule of topics and articles is planned and hopefully this schedule will have you anticipating and following streams of thought on composition, post-production and inspiration just to name a few. Anyone that knows me will tell you that I see photography and the capture of images as a never ending journey, with new perspectives, techniques and technologies changing the game on a continual basis. I will to strive to keep the blog series posts and articles true to that belief.
  • Lastly this is a vehicle for promoting Soft Lite Studios Destination Workshops. Herein you will find the latest workshops that we are offering, comprised of exciting and unique locations, both near and far. Adhering to our goals for destination workshops, you will find numerous opportunities, at various price points, for immersive experiences that put you in close quarters with like minded enthusiasts and professionals, while being mentored by professionals that have an extreme passion for capturing not only the best images possible, but the best memories as well.


Pencil and paper

A place to store my thoughts…



Probably all sounds a little lofty, I get it, I am even a little nervous in writing it down and saying it out loud. At the same time, it is not a flight of fancy, it’s a path that’s been carefully considered, measured and adjusted for quite some time now.

Almost two years of discussion, logistics and planning have gone into just reaching this starting point. I don’t expect it to be perfect out of the gate, in fact I fully expect a lot of adjustments as it naturally grows and moves forward.

You the reader are responsible for where this ultimately goes and what it grows into. I welcome you to my little home on the web and I hope you can be an active part of the community that I hope this becomes.

So we now we know the answer…To Blog.

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