Introduction – Weekly Blog – (SUN) Questions And Answers:

by | Dec 10, 2015 | (SUN) Question And Answers |


One of the things that I truly love about photography, post-processing and fine art printing is that it’s an ever changing landscape. I know what you’re thinking “ever changing landscape”, groan another intended pun. Well this time it’s actually not intended, I mean it just the way it’s written. All of the disciplines that I love in the imaging world are continually evolving, either technologically or from the standpoint of method.

As soon as I become confident that I am competent in a specific imaging discipline, some article, exposition or conversation brings me back down to earth. I hope as a reader here you share that same sense of “smallness” in terms of your photographic skills and that you are always thirsty for new information, new perspectives and new challenges. If you are then this column is just for you.

Material To Talk About:

Each Sunday “Questions And Answers” will answer one or more member questions, that have likely been percolating in the forum area for a little while. It is also possible that we will take a question submitted from a member via the “Q & A” Contact Form. In the unlikely event that neither of those serves as a good question source, then we will certainly find a topic that is worth discussing. You never know where the next good topic is going to come from, but it will pop its head up every time.

One thing is certain, we truly want our members to engage in this weekly blog and be very active in providing follow-up commentary. The true power of our community, here at Soft Lite Studios, lies in the fact that everyone brings something of value to the party. We welcome different points of view (as long as they are respectful, different technical or methodical approaches and all the collective wisdom that is lurking within our member population.

Topical Thoughts:

As the population here grows, the direction that this “Question And Answers” blog will go is really up to the conversation threads and interests of the members. While we can’t begin to predict what topics might be trending even 3 months from now, imagine topical areas such as these to get you thinking about what questions you might be interested in posing:

  • JPG Versus RAW, Which one is better?

  • Can someone tell me the difference between Bridge and Lightroom?

  • What do you pack in your camera bag?

  • Neutral density filters, brand differences?

  • What is this Adobe Creative Cloud thing anyways?

  • How do I copyright my work?

Well I think you get the idea, just about any topic you can think of (at least imaging releated) is fair game. You keep asking and we’ll keep doing our best to provide an answer. If we don’t know, we’ll do our best to track down a resource that does.

The Circle Of Life:

Lastly, where one can easily see a topic coming from the forum section, one can just as easily see a “Question And Answer” post sparking life for a new forum topic or even a new forum group. You let us know what you want to talk about and we’ll do our best to provide the place to host the talk.

We’ll see you right here every Sunday!