What People Say About Our Workshops…

I originally decided to attend a Soft Lite Studios workshop so that I could improve my field shooting skills. I have always felt that the scene I witnessed never matched the scene I captured. So, I was really hoping to understand and move past this barrier.

In reality I walked away with much more. I now understand how to recognize range, manage that range and get the results I am after. The entire workshop was fun in an exhausting, exhilarating and fulfilling way. I would definitely do one of these again.

Thanks Tim!

K. Shaffer

Owner, KS Design Services

I consider myself a seasoned photographer, yet I was shocked at the amount of new knowledge that Tim was willing to freely share. The locations were wonderful, the camaraderie with the group was a lot of fun and I brought home not only a ton of new techniques but some outstanding images as well.

Can’t wait to do another!

Mandy T.

Photographer, Creation Depot

In a career that is focused on media, my daily life revolves around looking at images from multiple different perspectives and my common observation is that the cycle (capture, to edit, to output) is rarely competently executed. Inevitably some portion, or step, of the process has been short changed and the overall image quality suffers as a result. The workshop I attended met this issue head on and significant time was spent making sure that the entire capture, edit and output process was clearly mapped out. The result, for me, was generating images that were some of the best of my life. Thanks again!!!!!

Harshel P.

Partner, EMedia Partners

Crazy fun…

The location was awesome, the shoots were perfectly timed, the dinners were outstanding and the group was a blast. I am now happily enjoying catching up on my sleep (I don’t know how you keep the schedule that you keep)!

Will see you at another one soon…


S. Shuster

Freelance Photographer, The Latent Image