An Overview Of Our Workshops…


Soft Lite Studios workshops are thoughtfully constructed events, where both photographer and photograph receive top billing. Structured around a schedule that emphasizes dramatic shooting opportunities, post production tutorial sessions, and mealtime camaraderie, our workshops build an environment of group participation and knowledge sharing that guarantees to be enjoyable for all. Our number one goal for you, the realization of a new level of photography, is supplemented by valuable knowledge and new friends.


Our workshop locations lie within the heart of some of the most iconic, natural wonders that exist, both stateside and abroad. Locations are selected not only for their natural beauty, and iconic vistas, but they are also carefully evaluated to ensure that they provide the necessary support services. Location selections are made on the basis of fulfilling all of your daily shooting, dining, and lodging needs. We focus on the details, so you can focus on the photography…after all that’s why you are joining us.


Workshop participants are encouraged to explore more than just their immediate surroundings or the scene in front of them. Participants will be asked to challenge their thoughts on composition, their technical abilities, and their post production knowledge. By exploring these boundaries, one can learn new techniques, alternate approaches, and even different mindsets that affect the ultimate quality of the images that they produce.


Soft Lite Studios workshops are designed with the goal of helping you to achieve some of the best images of your life. Sounds like a tall order to be sure, but one that we believe we can help you to achieve. From our scheduled shooting sessions, to our post production tutorial sessions, to our group mealtimes, our entire event is focused upon sharing our hard won imaging knowledge with you.


It would be difficult not to engage at a Soft Lite Studios workshop. Our workshops are designed to immerse you in a daily schedule of shooting, editing, and discussing images. New friendships are often forged amongst workshop participants, as fellow photographers begin to discuss imaging opportunities and lessons learned throughout the day. After the workshop, our Forum discussions provide the ideal location to continue to be engaged.