A Shot A Day – 2017 (06/09/2017)

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“Wind Down”

Out the backside of the Pike Place Market is a patio that overlooks a portion of downtown Seattle and the waterfront of the sound. Even though I didn’t have my tripod I still wanted to capture some of the lights in the scene.

A Shot A Day - 2017(B) (160A of 365)-(09-06)

A Shot A Day – 2017(B) (160A of 365)-(09-06)


LENS: Sony FE 24-70mm F/4.0 ZA OSS

EXPO: ISO 50, 20′ @ f/22 – 70mm

This is a story of making due with what you have. I came across this scene and knew I had to capture some version of it. I did not have my tripod with me, but I quickly improvised by stabilizing my camera on a fence rail overlooking the harbor.

I purposely elected to use a low ISO, as I wanted as clean an image as possible and I was also wanting a longer exposure time to get some movements in the lights in the scene.

Clearly there was some movement of the camera body during the duration of the exposure. I actually think that the movement adds to the feel of the image.

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