A Shot A Day – 2017 (06/03/2017)

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“A River Runs Through It”

Along the Southern shore of Vancouver Island, BC, lies a pristine coast line, with numerous beaches and ocean front features to explore. Sand Cut Beach is one of those locations and its lines naturally lend themselves to a striking picture.

A Shot A Day 2017(B) (153A of 365)-(03-06)

A Shot A Day 2017(B) (153A of 365)-(03-06)

BODY: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

LENS: Canon EF 11-24mm f/4.0L USM


NiSi 180mm Filter Holder (For Canon 11-24 Lens),

NiSi Polarizing Filter 180x180mm


EXPO: ISO 50, 1/30 @ f/8.0 – 18mm

I came across numerous pictures of Sand Cut Beach, while researching for the trip to Vancouver Island. It was definitely on the short list of locations that I just had to shoot at, while in the region.

The beach is easy to get to, being a relatively short drive West of Sooke, BC, and the hike up the beach, back towards the East, quickly has you coming across the sand cut formation. Recent rains and I suspect constant moisture in the surrounding, upland topography, provided a nice water flow and a small rivulet on the beach itself.

The lines of the formation and the shooting angle dictated an ultra wide angle lens, and the Canon 11-24mm f/4.0 lens, plus the NiSi 180 Polarizer fit the bill perfectly. Framing the image, involved my working the lines in the scene diagonally across the frame. Careful attention to the histogram yielded the correct exposure.

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