A Shot A Day – 2016 (04/12/2016)

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“Flying Boats”

My dedication to the masters of painting eras past.

A Shot A Day - 2016(B) (103A of 365)-(12-04)

A Shot A Day – 2016(B) (103A of 365)-(12-04)

Sony Alpha A7RII, Sony FE 24-70 ZA OSS

ISO 6400 – 1/6400 @ f/13 – 70mm

I’ll freely admit, that in this image, the ISO is WAY TOO HIGH. My only defense is, I was shooting indoors immediately before taking this shot, and I hadn’t double-checked the ISO prior to this frame. That being said, still no excuse, so do as I say, not as I do! Check your ISO…

I saw this image in my head, long before pressing the shutter release. The sky, the clouds and the boats all cried out for a picture framed up exactly this way. I like the starkness the exists and the framing of the scene.

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