A Shot A Day – 2016 (02/16/2016)

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“Green On Green”

Some macro work from the recent Central Ohio Photographic Society macro meeting. Lots of fun was had by all, well all except for this Kiwi.

A Shot A Day - 2016(B) (047A of 365)-(16-02)

A Shot A Day – 2016(B) (047A of 365)-(16-02)

Nikon D810, Nikon 105VR II f/2.8 Macro

ISO200 – 1/200 @ f/25 – 105mm

3X Nikon SBR200, Nikon SU800, 3X Stofen SBR 200 Diffuser

This slice of Kiwi was shot on a section of translucent polymer backer board (Dick Blick’s Art Supply $5.00). The board was supported by four (4) paper cups, so that a reflect surface could be placed below the board (in this case a sheet of Green craft foam).

Three flashes were used, two above the scene (one as a key light and one with slowly lower power to add some differential to the lighting) and one flash bounced off the Green foam below the board, to bounce light into the board from below.

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