A Shot A Day – 2016 (01/04/2016)

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“Justice League”

The Supreme Court of Ohio building is one of those structures that you go by on a regular basis, only when you slow down does the richness of the details begin to settle in.

A Shot A Day - 2016(B) (004A of 365)-(04-01)

A Shot A Day – 2016(B) (004A of 365)-(04-01)

Canon EOS 5DS R, Canon EF 70-200 f/2.8 IL USM

ISO 400 – 1/500 @ f/2.8 – 145mm

Once I settled in on the scene that I wanted in my final image, I had to exercise care in two areas of the composition / exposure. Even though the image was taken during “Golden Hour” I was right on the edge of a dynamic range issue. Ultimately I decided to change exposure compensation by – 1/3 of a stop to ensure that nothing in the image was blown out. I elected to risk some detail loss in the shadows with this decision, but ultimately it worked out fine. My second concern involved my thinking through the final composition of the image, because of my upward facing shooting angle, and my knowledge that I would want to square this image up in post-production, I made sure I left some cropping room and made the shot as close to level as possible.

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