A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum

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So I have undoubtedly dated myself with that blog title. For those of you old enough to remember the play or book associated with the above title, you are probably chuckling along with me. For those of you who have no idea what I am referring to, well then you are probably chuckling at me…nervously. While we are not going to delve into comments on social class (see the book, the play, the movie…), we are going to venture into ways where can help each other and in the end gain some imaging freedom. Still don’t get the reference, that’s okay it’s all good, there’s a meaning in this post all the same.

One of the things that was an important design consideration, when putting this site together, was a really robust and functional user forum system. If you venture over to the forum section (Forum), from the main menu, you will find that that requirement has indeed been met, as the forum system is configured, up and running. Ready to allow the creation, monitoring and growth of discussion threads in a number of topical areas.
Setting up a forum is both easy and difficult all at the same time. The installation is not too difficult, about three mouse clicks in total. But once it’s there it’s a giant blank canvas on which you have to splatter a bunch of paint. Well the wide brush was loaded up with pigment and a couple of large swaths of color have been laid down. It’s not a masterpiece, and it’s likely not even dry yet, but at least we have a start.

Where we are:


As a starting point, you’ll find the following topical areas, among others, up and ready to allow members to start discussions:

    • Camera Talk – A group, broken into a number of forums (DSLR, SLR, Medium Format, Micro 4/3 – Mirrorless and Point & Shoot), that is dedicated to hosting discussions on different camera systems, camera technologies and well just about anything camera related.


    • Lens Talk – A group, broken into a number of forums (Ultra Wide & Wide Angle, Standard Length, Telephoto, Macro and Specialty Lenses), that is dedicated to hosting discussions on different lens technologies, optical characteristics and just about anything related to lens usage.


    • Printer Talk – A group, broken into a number of forums (Desktop and Wide Format Printers), that is dedicated to hosting discussion on different printing technologies, printing methodologies and just about anything else related in printing images.


Where to go from here:


None of these groups, nor their included topics is written in stone. In fact, it is expected that after a very short period of time the entire landscape of the forum will look quite different than it does today. Not only does that make sense, as there are likely dozens of groupings and topics that didn’t even come to the surface as the site was being put together, but with the pace of product change, undoubtedly new topics will make themselves apparent as time passes.

From out of the gate, we assume we can’t be all things to all people, that’s just not practical, but we are certainly open to adding new groups and new topics within those groups. Please feel free to send us a message, or post a group / topic idea, and we’ll do our best to grow the forum in the direction that users are taking it.



Bottom line, the forum is expected to be the center of the community, a place where virtual neighbors will gather and both gossip as well as information will be freely passed. This could and should be a place where you can come and ask questions, find clarification and hopefully when the time is right return the favor.


We hope to see you out there!

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