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Workshop Participant Testimonials!

The workshop was an amazing experience, from which I came away with some outstanding images, that are no doubt some of the best I have ever taken. Tim and Lorie did a wonderful job at making everyone feel like a part of “the team”, helping us to learn techniques that advanced the quality of our images and for making it as much fun as I have had in a long time. The notion of new limits, new knowledge and new friends is right on target.

I am thrilled with the images I am bringing home from this workshop, I can’t wait to get them printed, framed and on the walls (Thanks for the advice on color profiling!). Signed up and ready for the next workshop I can get to, can’t wait!

Christine M.

Artist, Freelance Photographer and Writer

I had the pleasure of attending a workshop in February, held at Yellowstone National Park. It was a new experience for me and I couldn’t have been happier. The amount of time that we got as clients was amazing. We were given, as a group, instruction each day as to what we may see and what equipment we may need, to accomplish nice images for the expected circumstances. When we got out to the field we had two instructors, that went around to everyone, in the group, to help with fundamental questions or composition concerns.

They would look at what we had shot so far and offer their advice on maybe trying something else to improve it. The saying you get what you pay for, well I got great scenery, that I would not have gotten if I wasn’t with someone leading me, I got editing classes in the evening, and hands on experience, with both instructors. I feel this workshop was well worth the price and would go again.

Chuck D.

Retired, School Of Hard Knocks

As a photojournalist, I have received formal training for shooting on the run and conveying the story through the image. I have always wanted to expand my repertoire to include some facets of fine art and landscape photography. Soft Lite Studios workshops turned out to be the ideal way to do just that.

The field shoots are well thought out and take into account many factors that quite frankly I don’t know how they thought of them all. The seminar sessions are ideally focused on the images of the day and the timeliness of transforming your recent shots into something more meaningful, artistic and polished. The review sessions provided great insight into how others might look at my images and what things I can take to the field with me for the next shoot. Last, but not least, the sense of camaraderie, at all times, was a wonderful feeling.

Thanks Lorie and Tim!

Jennifer G.

Photojournalist, Wolfe Media Group

My time at the workshop was a great experience for me. Time spent in the field, for our numerous shoots, was a real learning experience for me. Each shoot provided a new opportunity to learn new techniques and approaches to capturing images. I had never considered long exposure imaging, high dynamic range imaging, or focus stacked images before, but I am really glad that I now know these techniques.

I really enjoyed the editing and review sessions as well, some very valuable information covered during that time. I feel like I am going home with a whole new set of skills that I can use in my future photography pursuits.

Thanks again for a good time and some great new pictures.

James M.

Project Manager, Nationwide Insurance